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Can you replace stair spindles with glass?

Is it possible to replace stair spindles with glass?

Yes! It is possible to replace your old and tired stair spindles with glass panels. There are a few ways to install glass panels where your stair spindles once were; using glass clamps, brackets or inserting into grooved base and handrails. Whichever method is best suited to you, it is a relatively simple process.

How does the installation process work?

Brushed glass is one of the most common types used for glass panels, as this can be fitted with with handrails and glass clamps. This method requires supports at every glass panel joint, support posts that are recessed into the glass or which screw into place with specific glass spindle brackets. Using glass brackets or clamps to install glass panels in to your stairs is a flexible solution as the panels can be removed if you wish to change the look of your stairs again further down the line.

Or you could insert glass panes into grooved base and handrails, with no additional support required by using specialised glass inserts. The surface may be polished, etched or brushed; there are many options. Fitting the glass into a grooved base and handrail is a permanent fixing, therefore once it has been installed it cannot be removed without causing damage to the glass.

What actually are stair panels?

Before you make the jump to change your staircase to glass, you need to understand what panels are. Stair panels are the vertical infill between between the base rail and hand rail of a staircase, replacing old-fashioned spindles.

Unlike traditional spindles or wooden stair panel, glass panels are designed to be the focal point of your home. They bring style and beauty into what is normally an overlooked part of any room, as they allow light to flood through your home. Glass panels provide a modern look which may either update your home, or fit seamlessly in to your already modern home.

What materials are used in glass stair panels?

Stair glass panels are made from clear, toughened glass that is commonly 8-10mm thick. The width of the glass is dependant on the size of brackets or grooved base and handrail it is being fitted in to.

The glass can be polished on both sides and can have a grey low-emissivity coating applied to one side of the glass, typically the side that faces inside of the staircase.

The fittings for the glass panels also vary in material. The brackets and clamps used to fit glass panels in to your staircase can be found in a range of metal finishes, such as bronze, gold or silver.

Benefits of having glass panels in your staircase


Traditional staircases are often very dark and dingy, replacing these with glass panels creates a much lighter feel. Light is able to flood through your staircase and hallway when glass panels are installed. Not only will this are of your home become lighter, it will appear larger too. Old-fashioned spindles obstruct the view from your staircase, so when these are replaced with glass panels the space is opened up.


Glass panels in your staircase can add a real sense of style. They create a sleek and minimal look, which can be combined with a wooden base and handrail to contract the clinical look that glass sometimes creates. The glass doesn’t have to take the form of windows, glass panels can be cut into any shape or size that you wish. By choosing a made to measure service, you can create different styles to suit your home.


One of the most important benefits of glass panels in your stairs is the added sense of safety. A glass balustrade can prevent accidents from happening on your staircase, spindles do not offer the same protection. If you have children or elderly members of your family glass panels are a great option to ensure that they don’t accidentally fall down the stairs.


The cost of glass panels is far less than the traditional wooden spindles. This means you can get glass panels fitted without breaking the bank! Glass panels will last for decades and need little maintenance throughout their life, making them a cost effective method.

Finding the right glass staircase

Whilst glass panels can be bought off the peg, getting a company to design them specifically for your home will make sure it fits perfectly in your existing staircase. A glass staircase should be tailored to your home and the glass panels should complement the style of your home. So the best way to find the right glass staircase for you is by contacting the experts.

The biggest step to finding the right glass staircase for your home, is finding the right company to create and install it for you. Jarrods Staircases create bespoke designs perfectly suited to your home and at the best price. The majority of their projects are completed in 24 hours, meaning you will have your beautiful glass staircase in no time.

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