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Can conveyancing be done online?

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a word used to describe conveyance, which in turn is defined as the process of transferring property rights. In conveyancing, the conveyancer acts on behalf of and usually for another party, known as the ‘disponent owner’. The conveyancer’s role is to carry out all tasks required by law or otherwise necessary to legally transfer the disponent owner’s interest in land from one person or entity to another without causing any breach of contract or other legal violation.

In simple terms, conveyancing takes care of all the legal aspects of selling or buying a house. As there are certain regulations and expectations for selling and buying that need to be met, you will need the services of licenced conveyancers.

The conveyancing process

Conveyancing will begin once an offer is accepted on the property that is being exchanged. Once it has begun, the licenced conveyancer will then draft the exchange contract. The contract will include all terms and conditions of the sale, such as the price of the sale and any other particulars. Your licenced conveyancer will complete all legal checks to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Can conveyancing be done online?

Yes it can! As with a lot of things in this day and age, conveyancing can be done just as effectively online as it can face-to-face.

Online conveyancing takes place fully online and over the phone, rather than via in person meetings.

My Conveyancing Specialist are able to provide you with the best quote for online conveyancing. They are set up to make the conveyancing process as simple as possible. My Conveyancing Specialist will provide you with a quote from licensed conveyancing solicitors, who will then liaise with you online. This makes the whole process as fast and cost-effective as possible.

The process of conveyancing will remain the same online as with the traditional process. Your conveyancer will liaise with the other parties conveyancer.

At all times, online conveyancing keeps you in the loop with everything that is going on. You can check documents as they are sent to you and ask your conveyancer any questions about the process at anytime.

Benefits of online conveyancing –

  • Quicker processes, doing conveyancing online allows the whole process to be completed much faster than traditional conveyancing. As there is no need to attend any face-to-face meetings with your conveyancer, you will be saved a lot of time.
  • 24/7 access, online conveyancing is accessible during any working hours or outside of them, depending on what time is most convenient for you. This gives you much more flexibility to access conveyancers whenever and wherever you need to.
  • Lower costs, as there are no office fees or travel expenses. Furthermore, online conveyancers will also be able to provide quotes on fees before they begin the work. Online conveyancing removes the chance of surprise additional costs.
  • Trackable progress, all information for the conveyancing process is stored electronically when done online, so it’s available to you whenever you need it.
  • No completion, no fee, many online conveyancing offer a ‘no sale, no fee’ guarantee. This means that if the sale doesn’t reach completion, you won’t have to pay any of the legal fees.

Is online conveyancing right for you?

Online conveyancing is the best option for most home buyers or sellers.

For most conveyancing matters, online conveyancing provides a quick and easy way to get your house exchanged or sold with little stress attached. Compared to traditional methods of conveyancing, online conveyancing will take up much less of your time and money!

Nobody wants to drag out the legal process of moving home, as it is notoriously a painful experience. With online conveyancing the whole process is much more simple, as well as being easier to track. Therefore, with online conveyancing you’re not as likely to lose track of what has been completed and what still needs to be done.

Online conveyancing is much less over whelming and will benefit anyone that has a busy schedule and isn’t able to visit conveyancer’s offices during traditional working hours.

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